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Plan an Unforgettable First Mother's Day

What a joy it is to become a mom for the very first time! And there's no better day to celebrate such an exciting milestone than Mother's Day.

Are you wondering what to do for your wife's first Mother's Day? Let us help you plan a first Mother's Day she will never forget!

First Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Although she will appreciate some extra hours of sleep, a clean house, and hearing why she's an amazing mother, every mom wants to receive a little extra something for her first mother's day. There's no better way to celebrate motherhood with beautiful jewelry from KAY. Check out our Mother's Day gift guide to find extraordinary first Mother'say Day gift ideas!

What Should I Do For My Wife's First Mother 's Day?

She's changed the diapers, stayed up late and so much more. Her first Mother's Day should be a celebration of motherhood and a day to say "thank you for all that you do."

Start with a relaxing morning

Show her how much you appreciate her love for little one by starting the day off with something she's missed dearly: uninterrupted sleep. Let mom sleep in and try to tidy up the house. Baby permitting, set up a nice breakfast spread with flowers or some balloons (it is a celebration after all).

Have the day planned

Before planning a day full of activities, remember you'll have a little one with you. A refreshing walk around the neighborhood may be more suitable than a hectic day out shopping. Whatever activities you have planned, make sure its not a hassle for mom.

Let her know why she's the best mom

Being a first-time mom is a roller coaster of emotions and sometimes a mom needs some encouraging words. For her first mother's day start a sentimental tradition by letting her know how amazing she is. If you have a hard time getting the words out, write your thoughts down in a note.

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