Jewelry from Fathers to Daughters


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A father-daughter relationship is something truly remarkable. To celebrate the unique bond you share with your daughter, give her a piece of jewelry she’ll cherish always. Below are some styles that will be great for your little girl, no matter her age. 

  • Diamond Earrings: A pair of sparkling diamond solitaire earrings is perfect for a woman of any age or profession. They work for any occasion, and they’re especially great for mothers with small children who may pull at longer earrings. Look for children’s earrings with shorter posts and screw backs for a very young daughter. 
  • A Simple Necklace: Whether it’s a diamond solitaire, birthstone pendant, or a stylish design, a necklace is a gift she can dress up or down. Look for versatile designs that reflect her style, and check out the tween collection for a younger girl. 
  • Cultured Pearls: A women is never too young or old to receive cultured pearls. There are many styles that range from classic to modern. Cultured pearls are perfect if she likes simple designs, and they’re wonderful for a first piece of fine jewelry.
  • A Watch: A watch combines style with everyday functionality. With styles ranging from bold to classic, there is sure to be a watch your daughter will enjoy. Perhaps she would like the features of a smartwatch, or maybe she would prefer a classic timepiece. If you don’t know where to start, stick to a simple style that can be dressed up or down. 
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