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You may be familiar with diamond cut, but do you know your options for shape?

Get to know the most popular diamond shapes.


  • The #1 shape for diamond engagement rings.
  • The classic brilliant-cut round diamond has 58 facets.
  • The round brilliant cut maximizes a diamond's fire, sparkle and brilliance.


  • A square shape with pointed corners, princess is second to round in popularity for engagement rings.
  • The princess cut is a modified brilliant cut.
  • Princess-cut diamonds are relatively new, having been developed in the late 1970s.


  • This shape emphasizes size with rounded corners in a rounded-square or rounded-rectangular shape.
  • Cushion-cut diamonds are perfect for a larger diamond with good clarity.


  • Named for the traditional cut of an emerald gemstone, this rectangular shape has a smooth top (or "table") surrounded by step-like facets with beveled edges.
  • Clarity is key with an emerald-cut diamond, because the size of its table makes it difficult to conceal any imperfections in the diamond.


  • Said to be named for a famous beauty at the French court in the 18th Century, the marquise cut is known by the French name navette, which means "little boat."
  • The marquise has the same cut as a round brilliant, with 58 facets, stretched into an elongated shape with a point at the top and bottom.


  • The oval cut is a variation of the round brilliant cut. The facets are basically the same, and there are 58 of them.
  • The shape of the facets varies to create the oval shape.

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