Is a Color Diamond the Right Choice for Your Engagement Ring?

Going down a non-traditional path with color when it comes to an engagement ring could be the way to go for your bride-to-be. Consider a colored diamond if:

She loves to stand out from the crowd and prides herself on being unique

For some women, a white diamond simply will not do. For her, your love needs to be expressed in a way that is just as unique as she is. Take note of her style. Is she bold and glamorous? Does she love to take risks? A color diamond might be just what she is dreaming of.

Color is in her style

If she has a signature color, a matching diamond might suit her perfectly. Look at her home, her clothes and her accessories. A woman with sparkling blue eyes might adore a matching engagement ring. This approach has a thoughtfulness she will surely appreciate.

Color as a symbol

Like color gemstones, diamonds in a variety of hues have all sorts of meanings. For example, fancy yellow diamonds can symbolize sunshine, warmth and happiness.

While natural fancy color diamonds are rare and valuable, these days you can also find diamonds that have been enhanced to permanently create their intense colors.

You'll find a spectrum of colors appearing on the fingers of brides-to-be who want to celebrate their individuality.

A color diamond can help you tell a story and make your engagement all the more personal. Talk to your KAY Jewelry Consultant if you're interested in coloring her world with a proposal.


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