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Everyone loves a good deal, especially deals that feature mark downs on jewelry including designer rings, fashion pendants, solitaire earrings, diamond bracelets, smartwatches and so much more. KAY jewelers has some of the most affordable clearance jewelry out there. Our selection of affordable engagement ring and affordable jewelry brands are sure to not break the bank when it comes time to proposing. Our discounted fashion accessories offer a wide variety of option when it comes to shopping for affordable gifts for men and affordable gifts for women. Check out our KAY clearance items including top watch brands such as Movado, Bulova, Citizen, Tissot and more for sophisticated items at affordable prices. Check out our KAY clearance fashion jewelry items including our own KAY brands such as Ever Us and Interwoven.
What is previously owned jewelry? Our previously owned treasures is a timeless collection of gorgeous and modern jewelry that have been lovingly restored and offered at a mark down price. Our collection of used engagement rings and other used jewelry is a great way to get beautiful styles for an excellent value. Choose from in-style bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings, including used engagement rings. Diamonds, precious metals, and a careful restoration process make these new-to-you styles truly remarkable. Whether you're looking for a stunning engagement ring, wedding band, fashion ring or another type of jewelry, our previously owned treasures collection is just that - a collection of beautiful treasures. Previously owned. Lovingly restored. And yours at dramatic savings. What are previously owned watches? Shop KAY Jewelers for gently used watches in our previously owned watches collection. Luxurious, used watches are an incredible way to get a distinctive timepiece at dramatic savings. This previously owned selection includes used watches for both men and women in casual, dressy, and business designs. The collection offers pre-owned Rolex watches and other notable brands such as Movado watches for men and Tissot men watches. Our used watch collection includes timeless styles in a variety of exceptional colors, sizes, face styles and bands. Find excellent values on new-to-you watches in some of your favorite brands and styles. View Less
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