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What is a Claddagh Ring?

The Claddagh ring is an Irish symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty. A proper Claddagh features two hands holding a heart, topped with a crown. This has become a timeless and meaningful way to express a variety of relationships, from friends to couples. On the flip side, some people use their Claddagh rings to signal that they are single - wearing your ring with the heart facing outward indicates you are available. When you find that right person, remember to turn your ring the other way!

Common Claddagh Ring Styles

  • Fenian Rings: You won't see a crown with this style - just two hands and a heart. This iteration of the Claddagh has a historic spin: it is meant to signify Ireland's wish to be liberated from England.
  • For the Gents: Men also proudly wear a Claddagh, but it is often less ornate than the styles that women wear.
  • Personal Touch: Some styles can be customized with colored gemstones for personal meaning.

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