A charm bracelet against a white background near baby clothing and toys.

A silver charm in the shape of a hand with the middle and ring fingers folded down which is ASL for “I love you”.

A circular yellow gold charm with a cat paw print on it.

Three silver charms on a silver bracelet against a white background below the words “Start with a bracelet”.

A silver necklace with a circular pendant against a white background above the words “Start with a necklace”.

A woman shows off a charm bracelet on her wrist next to the words “True Definition Charms. Shop Now”.

A silver charm bracelet with several Rembrandt charms on it against a white background.

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Charms Bracelets and Charm Necklaces

Wear your personality with unique charm bracelets and necklaces from KAY Jewelers. Charms for bracelets and charm necklaces are the perfect way to show who you are and what you love. They go beyond a simple message to tell a story. For instance, jewelry that represents each child or grandchild is a wonderful mother or grandmother piece. A bracelet with a totem from each country visited is a fantastic memory for a traveler. Hobbyists may enjoy collecting pieces that represent their favorite pastimes, too. You can even find specialty charms such as letter charms, heart charms or initial charms. Pieces that have meaning to you or simply strike your fancy can be part of a charm bracelet that tells the unique story of you. Shop our selection of beautifully crafted jewelry of traditional charms, symbols, animals and more. Choose a few of your favorites for a classic look or go bold with a charm for every link on your bracelet!

What Are Traditional Charms?

A traditional charm bracelet features an open-link chain onto which you add dangling charms. KAY carries all your favorite animals, objects, sports emblems, initials and more in our traditional collection. In fact, we offer more than 800 traditional charms to choose from. Select your favorites for your bracelet to create the perfect expression of who you are. Choose from elegant gold charms, charms to celebrate a faith and other bracelet charm options. Don’t forget to browse KAY's family and mother's charms for a perfect gift that can be personalized or engraved.

Our Dangle Jewelry Collection

Dangling jewelry often adds depth to your jewelry. Unlike beads, dangling charms attach to your bracelet and hang down. Choose from more than 500 dangling charms to add to your jewelry that can express your individual style and personality. Make your jewelry a one-of-a-kind work of art by adding bracelet or necklace charms that show off your uniqueness! At KAY, we have all different kinds of dangle jewelry to choose from. We have graduation, travel, career, love, family and pet options available. If you don’t know where to start, shop classic Rembrandt Charms at KAY Jewelers for the perfect traditional dangle jewelry.

Rembrandt Charms

For more than 45 years, Rembrandt Charms has been hand-crafting jewelry and dangle bracelets in North America. They offer the world's largest totem collection in silver and gold. That means they offer a little something for everyone! Rembrandt Charms is a family owned company headquartered in Buffalo, NY that wants to help you tell your story. In keeping with that mission, the special pieces they create help you keep precious memories close.

Shop Necklace Charms and Charm Bracelet Jewelry

Charm bracelets make the perfect gift for any occasion and create a lifelong memory. It is fun to start a memory with a bracelet and add to it as years pass. Add pieces to a sterling silver or gold bracelet to commemorate a trip, life milestone or special event. KAY has all your jewelry needs in order to create your own bracelet. Browse our selection online or stop by in-store to find all that KAY has to offer.