Bracelet & Anklet Basics

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An anklet, or ankle bracelet, is a bracelet worn around the ankle. While some bracelet styles also work as anklets, others are intended for the wrist only because of their shape, style, and embellishment.



  • Can range from delicate to wide in a variety of materials
  • Often intended to stack as a coordinated set or to mix and match with other bangles or different bracelet styles


  • Tends to be wide
  • Fits tight to the wrist and features an opening into which the wrist slides
  • Often made of metal, but styles come in leather as well

Tennis (or "Line") Bracelet

  • Versatile bracelet that can be used to dress up or down
  • Diamonds are considered a classic for this style
  • The flexible links are designed to be comfortable and move with you

Charm Bracelet

  • A chain is usually the base to which personal charms are added
  • Charms can range in material and can include gemstones and pearls
  • Often, these bracelets are cherished for many years, as the wearer continues to add and collect charms


  • Chains can be worn on their own or as the base for other embellishments
  • There are a number of specific chain styles, but some common ones include box, cable, curb, figaro, rope, and wheat chains

Styles that also work as anklets

  • Charm: As long as the charms are small enough that they won't get caught or damaged, a few charms on a simple chain make a stylish and personal way to wear an anklet
  • Chain: The ideal style for an anklet, a chain is simple, stylish, and safe