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Bracelet & Anklet Basics


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There are many different bracelet types for every kind of style. Some are simple metal designs, and others are brilliantly adorned with diamonds or gemstones.  

Anklets, or ankle bracelets, are bracelets worn around the ankle. Bracelets typically range from 7 to 8.5 inches in length, while anklets are around 9 to 11 inches. Below you’ll find information about the different bracelet styles. 


  • This bracelet is a stiff metal ring that comes in a variety of widths. Some have gemstones or embellishments, but many are plain or textured. 

  • Bangles are often intended to stack as a set or mix and match with other bracelets. 


  • Similar to a bangle, a cuff is a stiff bracelet with an opening that your wrist slides into. Cuffs tend to fit tighter to your wrist than bangle bracelets. 

  • They tend to be wide, but some are thinner. Cuffs are often made of metal, but some are made of materials like leather. 

Tennis (or "Line") Bracelet

  • This classic bracelet features a line of flexible links that are designed to be comfortable and move with you. 

  • Tennis bracelets are typically arrayed in sparkling diamonds, but some styles feature gemstones. 

Charm Bracelet

  • Charm bracelets have a base, usually a chain with large links, that charms can be added to.  

  • Charms range in material and often include gemstones or sayings. These charms represent interests, personal style, or life events, and are often added through the years. 


  • Chain bracelets can be worn on their own or as a base for other embellishments. Yellow gold is a popular metal for this bracelet style. 

  • There are many different chain styles, but some common ones include box, curb, figaro, rope, cable, and wheat chains. 

Bolo Bracelet

  • This bracelet features a chain that slides through a bolo clasp, allowing the bracelet to adjust in length. These are very popular because they can fit nearly any wrist. 

  • Bolo bracelets come in a wide variety of styles. They can have simple metal designs or feature embellishments or gemstones.  

Styles That Also Work as Anklets

  • Charm Bracelets: A few charms on a simple chain make a stylish and personal anklet. Just make sure the charms are small enough that they won’t get caught or damaged. 

  • Chain: This is the ideal style for an anklet because it’s simple, stylish, and less likely to get caught on clothing or shoes.  

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