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Versatile white gold is a gorgeous choice in any style. And because white gold beautifully complements sparkling diamonds, it is easy to see why white gold engagement rings are so popular.

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Perfect for stacking, white gold rings are stylish and lasting addition to any jewelry box

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From vintage-inspired to modern, there is a pair of white gold earrings for every style.

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White gold bracelets are an effortless way to polish off a look, even on the busiest days.

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Learn More About White Gold Jewelry

This shade of gold easily blends with classic and modern designs, making it a versatile and lasting choice. And because it complements sparkling diamonds, it is easy to see why white gold engagement rings are so popular. Below are some guidelines for which white gold pieces you should buy and how to wear them.

How to Style White Gold

Layering: White gold is your layering hero. This versatile shade goes with nearly everything, so it’s easy to mix and match with the jewelry you already own. Consider investing in a few key pieces to achieve the look you want. Styles such as white gold hoop earrings, bangles, chains, or pendant necklaces can be worn again and again.

Gemstones: While it looks beautiful with any color, white gold goes especially well with cool gemstones. Look for styles that go from classic to modern with gemstones like aquamarine and sapphire. Vibrant tanzanite, blue topaz, and peridot also shine when set in white gold. And, of course, white gold is a natural complement to diamonds, white topaz stones, and lab-created white sapphires.

Wedding Jewelry: Many brides have white gold engagement rings, so it’s the perfect choice for wedding day jewelry, too. Choose a white gold necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings with cultured pearls or diamonds for a classic look. Or find a design with aquamarine, blue topaz, or sapphire for your “something blue.” And don’t forget a matching white gold wedding band!