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Vault Rewards

Extra 10% Off for Vault Reward Members

Vault Rewards by KAY. Earn rewards worth celebrating. Join now!

Rewards Worth Celebrating

Exclusions and Details for each benefit here.

Wedding and anniversary bands offers

Jewelry Care - professional jewelry cleaning and inspection

Special offers from our loyalty partners

Discounts on custom-designed jewelry

How It Works

Step 1 Enroll-Join free and start earning gems. Step 2 Unlock-Immediate access to special offers, benefits, and so much more! Step 3 Earn-Receive 1 Gem for each $1 spent. Gems unlock access to higher status and exclusive benefits!

White gold diamond engagement ring

See Terms and Conditions for details.

Rewards Worth Celebrating

More Gems means more benefits to enjoy - like free shipping, jewelry discounts, partner offers, and more.

Chart that shows all the benefits that come with all of the different tiers

Vault Rewards Partner 


Get unlimited designer jewelry from Rocksbox, the jewelry rental membership rated #1 by Glamour, Byrdie and more! With a Rocksbox membership, you can rent what you like, buy what you love, and swap out the rest for more! Get special perks as a Vault Rewards member.


Program Terms and Conditions are available here.

Yes, you can earn Gems at all KAY locations on eligible purchases.

Any Gems earned on a purchase of an order that is cancelled or item returned, will be deducted from your Gem balance.

No. Gems are used to determine membership tier status and have no cash or other value. They cannot be redeemed for merchandise or cash.

When you join Vault Rewards, you’ll immediately access Program benefits like professional jewelry cleaning and inspection, complimentary jewelry style consultation and specials offers from our loyalty partners. Plus Vault Rewards members will receive exclusive member-only benefits. Exclusions and details for each benefit can be found here.

Benefits begin upon enrollment in Vault Rewards at Sapphire tier status. Additional benefits are unlocked as you qualify for a new membership tier and for as long as you continue to meet the standard tier requirements.

You earn Gems upon enrolling in Vault Rewards and making a purchase. You will earn 1 Gem for every dollar spent. Amount spent will be rounded up to the nearest dollar to determine number of Gems earned per purchase. For example, a purchase of $99.49 will earn 100 Gems. If a purchased item is returned, Gems will be deducted from the Member’s account and not count towards the Member’s tier status. Gems are not earned on tax or shipping charges or on the purchase of gift cards.

You must be logged into your Vault Rewards account to earn Gems on a transaction.

There are two (2) timelines associated with membership tier status. The qualification period to earn Gems (Jan-Dec) and the Program tier status period (Feb 1-Jan 31).

  • The number of Gems earned anytime during a calendar year (Jan 1-Dec 31) will determine your membership tier status. Every member’s Gem earning qualification period starts over on Jan 1.
  • Your membership tier status is valid from Feb 1, or the day you enroll in the Program, through Jan 31 the following year. Membership tier status is evaluated annually on Feb 1, based on the prior calendar year’s Gem earning. Membership tier status and associated benefits will last through the next Program tier status period (Jan 31 the following year). For example:
    • If you have Ruby status on Dec 31, 2021, the qualification period will start over on Jan 1, 2022 and your Gem balance will return to zero. Minus any adjustments to your Gem balance resulting in a tier reduction (returned merchandise), your Ruby status will remain valid through Jan 31, 2023. As long as you continue to qualify for a particular membership tier status, it will last through the next Program tier status period (Jan 31 the following year)

Vault Rewards is a loyalty program designed to reward our customers for their loyalty and commitment. The Program is free to join with a tiered membership structure designed to be simple, easy and rewarding. You will earn 1 Gem for every dollar spent in-store and online. Gems add up to unlock different membership tier status and member-only benefits.

Sapphire status 0-699 Gems ($0 - $699 spent) Ruby status 700-1,999 Gems ($700 - $1,999 spent) Emerald status 2,000-3,999 Gems ($2,000 - $3,999 spent) Diamond status 4,000+ Gems (more than $4,000 spent).

There are several membership benefits with expiration dates. See exclusions and details for each benefit here. Benefit expiration dates will be communicated at the time the benefit is issued.

- Wedding and Anniversary Band Offers

- Annual Membership Reward (Available at Emerald tier)

- Discount on Custom Designed Jewelry (Available at Emerald tier)

You can enroll by clicking here or in-person at any KAY store. No purchase is necessary to sign up.

No, at this time benefits cannot be shared or combined across member accounts.

No, Vault Rewards is an independent rewards program and not affiliated with the credit card program perks and benefits at this time.
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