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You can buy flowers and you can buy candy, but few gifts express love like a piece of jewelry on Valentine’s Day. At KAY, we know it’s true what they say—good things do come in small packages! Before you decide which gift to give—heart-shaped gemstones, gold charms, or diamond studs, for example—check out these essential jewelry gift-giving tips to make the most of the moment.


Do Be Observant

Does your sweetie wear jewelry every day or just on special occasions? Do they prefer a particular type of precious metal? Be sure the piece you choose fits with the way they enjoy jewelry.

Do Get Personal

A gift of jewelry on Valentine’s Day is always appreciated, but when it’s a personalized, custom piece, it’s even more meaningful. KAY has many ways to create one-of-a-kind jewelry crafted just for them.

Do Go Timeless

It’s always a good idea to give classic jewelry pieces. You can’t go wrong with a gold pendant, diamond studs, or gold hoops. They’ll wear them everywhere, and think of you often.

Do Ask the Pros

Don’t be afraid to enlist the expert advice from a KAY jewelry consultant. Virtually, over the phone, via chat, or in person at your local KAY—there are many ways to get advice you can count on.

Do Consider Your Budget

If the one you love truly loves you back, they wouldn’t want you to be stressed about buying a gift for Valentine’s Day. The most important factor is that it’s meaningful, not expensive. You want the gift to be a happy memory for you both—not one you will regret later.

Do Think Long Term

Is long-term love in the stars for you both? Consider giving an add-on jewelry gift. For example, giving a charm bracelet this year means you can add to it with meaningful charms in the years to come.


Don't Move Too Fast

While every relationship is uniquely beautiful, you might want to resist the temptation to buy a ring for someone you’re dating. Instead, use Valentine’s Day to add to your sweetheart’s everyday jewelry collection. You can then start saving for a very special ring down the line. /p>

Don't Default To Hearts

Heart-shaped jewelry is always a go-to on Valentine’s Day—that’s why KAY always has plenty of heart-themed necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets to choose from. If you’ve gone the heart route already, though, consider a different design to keep your gift-giving from getting too predictable.

Don't Miss the Hints

Valentine’s Day is on your mind. Guess what? It’s on theirs, too! As the day approaches, your sweetie might be dropping hints about what they’d like to receive. Perhaps they have their heart set on a particular piece of jewelry, or maybe they’re simply trying to make life easier for you! Pay attention, and enjoy the assist.

Don't Forget the Presentation

Want to make the perfect gift even better? Think of the way you give it. Wrap it beautifully, create a surprise, or add a personal note to take the gift to the next level. (Also, if you’re not popping the question on Valentine’s Day, avoid giving your gift in a little box that might send the wrong signal before it’s opened!)

Don't Procrastinate

Start preparing now for next Valentine’s Day. You’ll have time to conduct research, discover new items, learn about your sweetheart’s preferences, and even customize pieces with personalization or one-of-a-kind designs to make your next Valentine’s Day gift-giving experience an absolute success.

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