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Shop THE LEO Diamond

THE LEO Diamond

THE LEO Diamond is the first diamond independently certified to be visibly brighter. Patented technology strategically places additional facets onto the diamond, maximizing the return of light and creating faraway sparkle.

Shop THE LEO First Light Diamond

THE LEO First Light Diamond

Live your love in color. THE LEO First Light® Diamond features a proprietary and patented diamond cutting technology, where microscopic nano-prisms are etched into the facets of the diamond's pavilion, releasing a brilliant bursts of color.

Learn more about THE LEO Ideal Cut Diamond

THE LEO Ideal Cut Diamond

Ideally proportioned. Ideally brilliant. Ideally you. THE LEO® Ideal Cut Diamond is a diamond of rare and exceptional quality featuring geometrically ideal proportions that creates breathtaking fire, sparkle and brilliance – to let your unique love for each other truly shine through.

The LEO Legacy Lab-Created Diamond

THE LEO Legacy Lab-Created Diamond

Only one lab-created diamond can offer the brilliance, sparkle and unmatched master craftsmanship worthy of THE LEO name. With the same proprietary cut as THE LEO Diamond, THE LEO® Legacy Lab-Created Diamond features additional facets strategically placed to maximize the return of light and create faraway sparkle

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Engagement Rings

Sweep them off their feet (and guarantee a "yes") with a chorus of sparkle as bright as your love.


Diamond Bands

These brilliant styles are destined for your "I do" moment and every future celebration.


Fashion Jewelry

Complete your wedding day look with radiant earrings, necklaces and bracelets designed to complement your rings.

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About LEO®

Show them you’re in this forever with the glorious brilliance of a diamond from THE LEO Collection. The master artisans at Leo Schachter are fueled by a century-long passion for transforming diamonds into the most brilliant symbols of love. Whether you choose to go with THE LEO Diamond®, THE LEO First Light® Diamond, THE LEO® Ideal Cut Diamond, or THE LEO® Legacy Lab-Created Diamond, a diamond from THE LEO Collection is sure to reflect your one-of-a-kind love for a lifetime, in a way that no other diamond could.

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