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Investing in Fine Jewelry


Costume vs. Fine Jewelry


As you build your jewelry collection, you may notice two categories: costume jewelry and fine jewelry.  

Costume jewelry often has a style and quality that is meant to be fleeting. It could have plastic, synthetic stones, base metals, or gold plating. These are often pieces that you purchase for a specific outfit or function. 

Fine jewelry is crafted with high-quality stones and precious metals, such as karat gold and sterling silver. These designs will endure with proper care and treatment.  

Both of these types of jewelry serve an important purpose in your collection. Here are a couple things you should consider when deciding whether to invest a little more in fine jewelry. 

  • Be Honest About How Often You'll Wear It. Whether you will wear this for years to come is fundamental when considering an investment piece. If you only need the jewelry for one occasion, it may not be worth it. But if you think it could become one of your go-to pieces, consider a style with lasting value.

  • Quality is Key. Jewelry needs to be timeless and well-made to last a lifetime. Know the 4Cs of diamond quality and understand the value of different metals before purchasing a higher-end piece. And don’t be afraid to ask a KAY consultant if you have any questions!

  • Consider investing more in these jewelry staples:
    1.  Diamond stud earrings
    2.  Cultured pearl earrings or necklace
    3.  A delicate gold necklace, with or without a charm
    4.  A charm bracelet which you can add charms to throughout your life
    5.  A special occasion piece with a little drama, such as chandelier earrings or a diamond necklace.
    6.  A basic gemstone ring
    7.  A classic cuff or watch