How to Find the Best Engagement Ring


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4 Things to Consider:

You're ready to propose, and you want everything to be perfect - especially the ring. That's why it's important to find one that matches her tastes, fits well and works with your budget. If you aren't sure where to get started...

Check out these tips:

Find Out What She Likes
Everyone has a unique style. Take a look at your partner's home, clothes and jewelry for inspiration, or review her social media feed for pictures or comments. If you're still not sure, consider going on a date to an art museum or home tour - if your partner expresses an interest in a particular painting, sculpture or architectural style, it may help you determine what type of ring she would enjoy.

Make Sure it Fits
Before you get down on one knee, you'll want to make sure the ring will fit so she can enjoy it right away. If you can, consider taking one of your partner's rings to the store to use as a size reference.  Check out KAY's ring size guide for help!

Discover the Right Diamond
A big diamond may not be a big deal. Depending on your partner's job or lifestyle, a large stone may be impractical. Some women may even find a large stone to be too much. Instead, find a diamond that works well with the setting and style of a ring.

Get the Right Price For You
Shopping for an engagement ring can be exciting, but it's important to stay within your means. Before you start browsing, speak with a KAY jewelry consultant about your budget and expectations. With a budget as your guide, you can make a choice you're comfortable with - and find a ring your partner is sure to love.