Emerald Cut Diamonds

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Emerald Cut Diamonds

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What are Emerald-Cut Diamonds?

Named for the traditional cut of an emerald gemstone, emerald-cut diamonds have a smooth top (or "table") surrounded by step-like facets with beveled edges. Emerald-shaped diamonds are one of the only diamonds with these step facets, making it stand out from the rest! Clarity is key with an emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, because the size of its table makes it difficult to conceal any imperfections in the diamond. Emerald-cut diamonds are great if you are looking for a large diamond engagement ring with a grand appearance.

Buying an Emerald-cut Engagement Ring?

Emerald-cut engagement rings are made for those with a vintage style. Emerald-shaped diamond engagement ring look grand with a halo setting, or by itself as a solitaire engagement ring. Although emerald-cut diamonds are more rare than other diamond shapes, they aren't a common choice, making emerald engagement rings reasonably priced!

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