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4 Tips for Buying Jewelry for Children


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Little kids love to emulate adults around them, including the way they dress. This means that a lot of children take an interest in jewelry. If you’re considering giving your little ones a jewelry give, keep this advice in mind. 

  1. Make it Practical: Children will need an item that doesn’t hinder them from doing the things they love, like running and playing. Make sure you give them something that is pretty sturdy, simple, and durable. 

  1. Keep Their Style & Interests in Mind: Make sure the jewelry you give them speaks to their current style and interests. From flowers to hearts, studs, hoops, or charms, there are many options for little ones. 

  1. Make It a Memorable Moment: Consider taking your little one on a shopping trip to pick out the jewelry of their choice. This charming moment will be something they’ll remember for years to come. 

  1. Prioritize Their Safety: Like most small, delicate items, jewelry should be handled with caution when given to a child. Keep allergies in mind when selecting a metal type, and consider screw-back earrings for younger babies to avoid accidental swallowing. 

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