Deciding on a Timeless Engagement Ring Style

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Are you looking for a classic engagement ring?

Just like clothing, jewelry trends come and go. But, unlike the temporary pieces in our wardrobe, an engagement ring is worn forever, and that means you'll want to choose a style that can stand the test of time.

Here are a few things to consider as you look into purchasing a timeless engagement ring.

A timeless design

Round and princess cut diamond solitaires are the most timeless choice for an engagement ring. As you celebrate anniversaries and milestones as a couple, this design will never lose its classic charm. To make it more unique, switch up the metal, band, or setting to fit your personality. Or select a halo design for extra intrigue.

Interested in something other than a princess or round cut diamond? Pear, emerald-cut, and heart-shaped diamonds have a classic appeal with a little more romance and drama.

A sturdy yet stunning band

As the years go by, your engagement ring will go through a lot. Consider your job and future plans as you look into the material of your band. Think about the color of the metal and what goes best with what you wear on a typical day.

The most popular metals are:

1. Yellow gold

2. White gold

3. Rose gold

An heirloom ring:

What's more timeless than an heirloom engagement ring? A family piece that has passed down through the decades will grow in meaning while maintaining its classic appeal.

As you figure out the details, you can confidently choose an engagement ring that'll make you smile for years to come.