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Help! I Don't Like My Engagement Ring!


We can help you find your perfect ring!

Hooray, your fiancé finally proposed! The big moment was romantic, sweet and everything you've ever dreamed of. But the ring...not so much.

Even though you're so excited to be engaged, it can be disappointing to receive a different ring than the one you've been daydreaming about. But don't freak out yet! There are a few ways to approach the problem with our engagement ring help

As you and your fiancé start exploring solutions, keep this helpful advice in mind.

1. See his side

Your sweet fiancé probably spent a lot of time picking out a ring that he thought you would love. Comfort him if he's upset by the situation and then work together as a pair to find a replacement.

2. Size up the problem

If you think the diamond is too small, make sure you keep his budget in mind. Is he able to afford something bigger? If so, go for it, but be gentle with your approach. If not, consider the qualities you may need to compromise in order to get a bigger diamond. Another alternative to get the size you want without breaking the bank is exploring various credit options. Maybe getting a bigger diamond isn't in the budget, but it could be with smaller monthly payments. At KAY, we're here to help you get the engagement ring of your dreams in any way we can. Check out our credit options that may help you afford your dream ring.

3. Get down to the details

Somehow, the lines got crossed when he bought your first ring. So, make sure you're involved this time! Every detail counts. Diamond quality. Whether you want a modern or traditional setting. Did you dream of a cushion-cut or emerald-cut diamond? Tell him now.

4. Encourage a redo

Once that you've selected your perfect ring, you'll want to celebrate by creating a new proposal memory that'll (hopefully) ease the pain of your original reaction. After the new ring is purchased, let him keep it so he can plan a romantic redo that you'll remember for years to come.

5. Make it your own

It may not be the engagement ring you've dreamed of, but that doesn't mean you have to return it all together. Make this engagement ring your own by visiting the KAY store nearest you and meeting with one of our expert jewelry consultants. In the store, our jewelry experts will work with you to turn the current engagement ring into something magical. With their product knowledge and experience, they can also assist you in selecting a new engagement ring that fits your needs and your budget.

6. Create Your Own Ring

You can always create your own ring online together! Our Create Your Own Engagement Ring feature allows you to choose every aspect of your engagement ring to ensure that it is exactly how you desire and within your budget.

7. Ask about returns

You may want to immediately start shopping for a new ring, but you need to figure out the return policy on the original ring first. A lot of jewelers are prepared for these situations, so you're probably in luck.

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