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8 Ways to Gift Jewelry for the Holidays


Jewelry is such an exciting and meaningful gift, and the moment your partner opens it will become a cherished memory. But that little box can be a big giveaway. To make the moment more special and add a little surprise, here are 8 ideas for giving jewelry at the holidays. 

1.    Stocking Stuffer: Stockings are the perfect size to accommodate a jewelry box, and it’s an unexpected place to find a big-ticket gift. This extra layer of surprise will make your gift an even bigger hit.

2.    On the Hunt: Build up anticipation by having your partner search for their gift. Hide the box, maybe even in the tree, and come up with a scavenger hunt or game for them to find it.

3.    The Gift Disguise: Another great way to surprise your partner is by hiding the jewelry in another gift. Think jewelry box, clothing bag or box, or a purse. You can also throw your partner off the scent by wrapping the jewelry box in a series of larger boxes.

4.    An Unexpected Find: Think of a place your partner looks every day – their car, the bathroom cabinet, a kitchen drawer. Hide your gift in that spot with a big To/From tag, and wait for your partner to be surprised!

5.    Family Fun: Make the moment more meaningful by incorporating your children or even a beloved pet. Have your kids present the gift on Christmas morning, or attach it to your pet’s collar or harness. Now you’ve created a special moment for the whole family!

6.    A Special Moment: We all know how hectic the holidays can be. Maybe you and your partner would prefer a quiet moment to exchange your gifts. Whether at home or on a date, you can escape the chaos and enjoy each other’s company.

7.    A Romantic Gesture: Another way to create a special gift-giving moment is to incorporate a romantic gesture. Maybe you take your partner to a location that’s special to you two, or surprise them with breakfast on Christmas morning. This kind of thoughtful gesture can make the gift even more meaningful.

8.    The Belated Surprise: If you really want to keep your partner guessing, wait until New Year’s to give them your gift. You can give them smaller gifts on the holiday, or make up an excuse for why the gift isn’t here. Then, give them the jewelry on New Year’s Eve for an even more exciting way to celebrate. (Hint: this is also a great time to propose!)

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