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They’ve said “yes” and wedding planning is already in full swing. With wedding dresses, cakes, and invitations, planning your dream wedding can be stressful. Although we can’t help you finalize your seating chart, we can help you find the thing that represents your love on your big day: Your wedding band.

When Should I get My Wedding Band?

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume wedding details has taken over your life and you totally forgot about your wedding bands, right? Although the sooner the better, you can go to your nearest KAY store three months before your wedding date and be in the clear. A KAY Jewelry Consultant can get your ring size and even give you advice on what ring would suit your lifestyle. Keep in mind a few alternative metals cannot be resized after.

Wedding Band Engravings

Kay Jewelers offers jewelry engravings to add an extra special touch to your forever ring. Grooms tend to get their wedding date or their fiancé’s name engraved inside the ring. Getting a special engraving is a great gift for the groom, too! Check out our custom page for other customization ideas.

KAY Wedding Bands For Men

Kay Jewelers has over 500 wedding bands for men in a variety of metals, designs and brands for every groom style. Before you start shopping, check out our Complete Guide to Choosing a Wedding Band to find the ring that suits your lifestyle. Gents, there are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for your wedding:

1. Style: Guys, you’re going to wear your wedding band for a long time (hopefully), so nailing down a band style is a must. Are you one who wants a little flash in your life? Perhaps a ring with stones or an eye-catching design would be perfect for you. If you the only jewelry you’re ever going to wear is this, consider a plain style that doesn’t draw much attention.

2. Color: Finding a color that represents you is totally doable with all the different metals for men’s bands. Black, gray and silver are both modern for grooms looking for a masculine shade. If you’ve decide to get a ring that matches your fiancé’s engagement ring, you still have options when it comes to color. If they have a rose gold engagement ring and you’re not completely sold on wearing rose, consider getting a two-tone ring. Not only are you adding some great contrast, but you’re also adding a little sentiment by having a representation of their engagement ring.

3. Durability: Having a ring that can withstand you career or hobbies is a necessity. Check out our alternative’s metal page to learn about the metals we offer.

Classic Wedding Bands

Many grooms want a simple band that’s not cause for too much attention. Gold has always been a standard for engagement and wedding jewelry, thanks to its naturally warm, yellow hue and beautiful luster. It’s a timeless style for the groom, that never take away from the bride’s stunning engagement ring. Platinum bands are great for the groom as they are simple to the naked eye but are made of one of the highest quality of all metals. This metal is strong and durable, making it the perfect choice as a wedding ring or a setting for a diamond or gemstone. Unlike other white-tone metals, platinum doesn't require re-plating to maintain its luster. This makes platinum an easy, low-maintenance option.

Alternative Wedding Rings

Grooms are looking to alternative metal styles for unique and modern left-hand accessories. Tungsten, titanium and stainless-steel rings are popular metals for their masculine look and durability. Many alternative metals don’t tarnish and are affordable. Keep in mind some of these metals cannot be resized. Learn more about alternative metals here.

Wedding Bands for Work

Silicone rings are taking the wedding industry by storm. With more hands-on jobs and active lifestyles, people are gravitating toward silicone wedding bands because they are comfortable and durable. Silicone rings not only feel good to wear and are light-weight, but our selection of men's silicone rings is hypoallergenic, temperature tolerant and safe for your active lifestyle! If you already have your wedding band, these are a great alternative for occasions when your band may be at risk. Silicone bands are also great to bring on your honeymoon, too! No need to worry about losing your ring while your own your getaway.

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