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Wedding bands for men come in a wide variety of styles, metals and designs. Sure, you may go with a classic gold wedding band, or perhaps you want something unique to you. Explore wedding bands in alternative metals such as cobalt and stainless steel for a modern look. Add some flair to your wedding ring with diamond band and gemstone styles for men. Do some wedding ring research to find the best men's band for your lifestyle!
Silicone wedding bands Silicone rings are taking the wedding industry by storm. With more hands-on jobs and active lifestyles, people are gravitating toward silicone wedding bands because they are comfortable and durable. Silicone rings not only feel good to wear and are light-weight, but our selection of men's silicone rings are hypoallergenic, temperature tolerant and safe for your active lifestyle! If you already have your wedding band, these are a great alternative for occasions when your band may be at risk. Platinum rings The perfect symbol of everlasting love, platinum wedding bands last forever. This metal is strong and durable, making it the perfect choice as a wedding ring or a setting for a diamond or gemstone. Unlike other white-tone metals, platinum doesn't require re-plating to maintain its luster. This makes platinum an easy, low-maintenance option. An ideal choice for men's wedding rings, platinum wedding bands are stunning with their natural white shine that will never fade or alter in color. Gold wedding bands Gold has always been a standard for engagement and wedding jewelry, thanks to its naturally warm, yellow hue and beautiful luster. Gold wedding bands for men offer a variety of colors including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. When people think men?s wedding bands, they usually default to simplistic yellow gold rings. While yellow gold bands might be the traditional choice, the addition of diamonds or other gold tones can add an extra touch. In addition to yellow gold, we also offer rose and white gold options for wedding bands. The bright white shine of white gold rings gives a more modern, timeless look. For men who are looking for a band with a bit more flair, rose gold makes a statement. Explore our wide assortment of gold men's wedding bands and find the perfect gold band for you! Titanium bands Although titanium wedding rings and titanium wedding bands are very strong, titanium rings also incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear. Titanium rings won't tarnish, so titanium titanium wedding rings will never lose it's appeal and it's charm. Our titanium rings and titanium wedding bands come in gorgeous varieties and unique designs, perfect for both mens wedding bands and wedding bands for women. Personalize your titanium ring with a special message or note that will always remind you and your loved one of your everlasting love. Stainless steel rings Stainless steel men?s wedding bands are becoming popular because of their strength, durability and affordability. Shiny and strong, stainless steel bands can be polished to take on different looks-- the more matte look of pewter or the reflective look of chrome. In addition to the finish, stainless steel can also be engraved with intricate details, providing for a more stylish look. Either way, some people appreciate the sturdy, modern look of the metal. Stainless steel wedding rings are the perfect choice for wedding bands for men. Tungsten wedding band A metal that will last a lifetime, tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands are a strong choice that is perfect for those with an active lifestyle. Tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands are hypoallergenic, scratch-resistant and tarnish resistant, making this tungsten rings the perfect all around choice for both men wedding rings and women wedding rings. Find tungsten in an array of beautiful shades and designs such as gray, black, rose and white tungsten wedding bands. Cobalt wedding band Cobalt alloys are durable and naturally white. Artists might associate cobalt with a deep, luxuriously colored blue hue. This is because for centuries, cobalt has been the core ingredient in creating blue pigments. Aside from its long lineage in the arts, cobalt is scratch resistant and hypo-allergenic, making it a perfect metal for wedding bands. Cobalt bands can look and feel similar to white gold wedding rings but usually costs less. View Less
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