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How to Propose to Your Bridesmaids?


You just got engaged, and now it’s time to plan the big day. One of the first things you’ll do is choose your bridesmaids. They may be siblings, cousins or close friends, and you probably already know they’ll say “yes.” A bridesmaid proposal box is a fun way to get everyone excited about the wedding and show them how important they are.  
A lot of brides give small bottles of champagne or wine and other trinkets in these boxes. A beautiful piece of jewelry is a wonderful addition, and they can even wear it on the wedding day! Below are some ideas for jewelry to include in a bridesmaid proposal box. 
  • Charms: A charm is a very popular choice for a bridesmaid gift. They’re usually inexpensive, and you’ll have many designs to choose from. You can include a bracelet or necklace chain, or let them add it to something they already own. Some fitting designs include initials, hearts, flowers, or a wedding-themed charm. 
  • Personalized Jewelry: A necklace or bracelet with your bridesmaid’s name is a meaningful gift she’ll cherish always. Choose a simple style with just their name, or find a piece with color stones for a little shimmer. You could also add the date of your wedding so they can always remember the special day. 
  • Gemstones: A sterling silver necklace with a gemstone that matches your wedding colors will be perfect for the big day. Find a personalized style and add the color stones of your choice, or choose from our selection of gemstone jewelry. Or, if you want something classic, cultured pearls are a lovely choice. 
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