Stacking Bracelets for Beginners

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Wondering if you can pull off the stacked bracelet trend? The answer is yes! If you're new to layering jewelry, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Before you stack

The best thing about stacking bracelets is getting to show off multiple pieces of jewelry at once. Create a cool combo by pairing chic metals like rose, yellow, and white gold. Or try rocking a monochromatic style that's dispersed across both arms. Whatever suits you best!

Tips & tricks

As you begin to try different variations, consider these three tips:

1. Try using simple, pre-stacked bangles as a base layer.

2. Remember that your choices don't have to match.

3. Experiment with a watch to vary your wrist wear.

In the mix

You might feel obligated to keep it consistent when choosing the colors, metals, and widths of your stacked style, but you don't have to! There really are no rules when it comes to layering bracelets - as long as you're happy and comfortable with your look.

Stay balanced

Layering bracelets makes a statement, so it's best to keep the rest of your jewelry minimal. If you're going for an extreme stack, keep your outfit simple. And if you're going to be somewhere quiet, do a jingle test to make sure your stack doesn't make too much noise!

No matter how you stack it, just have fun and always remember to embrace your personal sense of style.