Your Engagement Ring: Start Small, Upgrade Later

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Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

You want to get the ring of her dreams, but don't want to wait to save up. You're ready for the commitment but not the investment.

Here are a few ideas for how to find a pretty starter ring without breaking the bank. As your budget grows down the road, so can the ring - and your love for one another!

Quality Over Quantity

For some people, a classic white diamond solitaire is the only way to go. If you're on a budget, this means you might have to compromise on one of the four Cs - color, cut, clarity, or carat weight. Try to look for diamonds with a smaller carat weight that have the best cut and clarity for your budget. A smaller high-clarity stone is more beautiful than a big diamond that's lower quality. Learning more about the 4Cs of diamonds will help you choose a diamond that fits your budget. Visit the certified diamontologist at your local KAY Jewelers for help!

More Stones

Another way to get a bigger look for less is to choose a ring with smaller stones. You can pick a design with a halo of small diamonds surrounding the center stone. Or choose a glittery design with many small pave-set diamonds.

Color Stones

Color is a current trend in engagement rings. There's a whole world of color gemstones, like emeralds, sapphires, and morganite. Some gemstones can be less expensive than diamonds, especially lab-created versions of certain stones. A color stone in your ring can also be more unique and personal.

Ways to Upgrade the Ring

  • Use the original stones as side stones to accentuate a bigger diamond in a new setting.
  • Replace small or lower-quality stones with high-quality diamonds.
  • Add an enhancer band, wrap or anniversary band. These options allow you to keep the sentimental value of your original engagement ring while giving it a more dramatic look.

Remember: No matter your budget, it's the size of your love and getting married that matters!