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Snap. Browse. Love!

New Visual Search Makes It Easy To Find The Jewelry You've Been Searching For

Step 1

Take a photo of a piece or collection of jewelry, or upload your saved image into the Visual Search tool.

Step 2

The tool will instantly look at your image for its defining features, and then search our site for similar jewelry.

Step 3

You'll see your results. You can then refine by categories, gender, and price to zero in on exactly what you love.

Watch Visual Search in Action

KAY's new Visual Search tool makes it easy to find the jewelry you're looking for without having to rely on keywords. If you can take a picture or attach a file, you're seconds away from seeing more of what you're looking for, less of what you're not.

Here's How You Can Use It

A smartphone displaying visual search results

Seeking The Similar

You're in line at the market when you see it: a stunning bracelet on the wrist of the woman behind you. You gush, politely ask to snap a pic, and boom. You're on your way to searching for your own version.

A woman using KAY's visual search tool on a laptop

Helping Them Gift

You've told your guy how much you love your grandmother's vintage ring — but did he pick up the signal? Now you can visit Nana, take a pic, and text it to your guy. Tell him about searching visually on KAY, and he's on his way to your next great gift.

A woman wearing Center of Me jewelry

Completing The Look

Your birthday is around the corner, and you'd love to find some earrings to go with your favorite Center of Me™ necklace. Find your necklace online, use Visual Search, and filter to find earrings in the same style. Happy birthday to you!

A smartphone displaying KAY's visual search price filter

Setting The Price

While ring dreaming online, you've searched, pinned, and liked to nail down your style. Now it's time to find what fits your budget, too. Upload a pic from your stash, then filter results by price. You'll instantly see dream rings within reach.

Start Visual Search Now

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