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Guide to Choosing A Wedding Band

As you get ready to say, "I Do," finding the perfect wedding rings for you and your partner is just one of the many elements in your wedding journey. The traditional wedding band has evolved to intricate designs and styles. From breathtaking diamond bridal sets for women to resilient titanium bands for men, the selection of wedding rings is endless. Below is a detailed guide to help you choose the right wedding bands.

When to Buy Your Wedding Bands

With all the stress of wedding planning, try to make wedding ring shopping a carefree experience for you and your loved one. Most couples will start browsing wedding rings around four months before their wedding date. If you'd like to choose your rings closer to your big day, keep in mind the extra time needed for ring sizing and any possible engravings.

Understanding Wedding Ring Styles

Matching wedding rings: Traditionally, the bride-to-be and the groom would choose matching wedding rings to show that they belong together. Most matching wedding bands come in simple styles, including plain gold bands. While many couples still practice this tradition, most people choose a ring that fits their individual style. While some will still match the metal of their partner's ring, many individuals choose a completely different style from their significant other.

Women's Wedding Bands: One of the most important factors in finding a wedding ring for a woman is ensuring that it complements her engagement ring. Wedding rings for women come in an assortment of styles, so it's best to do some research when choosing a wedding ring. While some women opt for plain gold bands, others may choose diamond enhancer rings for added sparkle. Understanding your partner's style is essential, as she will be wearing her wedding ring for a long time.

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Purchasing a Bridal Set
Rather than purchasing the wedding band after the engagement ring, many individuals choose a bridal set. A bridal set contains both the engagement ring and a matching wedding band.

Bridal sets have a cohesive style, shape, metal and proportions you would be required to match on your own after the fact, which can be challenging. With a bridal set, you'll have the assurance that her engagement ring and band will fit together seamlessly. A bridal set is a great option for couples who purchase the engagement ring together, or if you are confident you know the bride-to-be's style. Most bridal sets are also sold in separate pieces, so you can purchase the engagement ring first and then purchase the matching wedding band later to complete the set.

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Engagement Ring Enhancers
Ring enhancers are a great choice for anyone looking to add extra shine to their solitaire or engagement ring. Enhancer rings come in many different designs all meant to enrich the look of the engagement ring.

A popular style is the ring wrap, where the engagement ring is inserted in the middle of the band. Women can choose from plain gold enhancers to diamond and gemstone enhancers for a more vibrant look.

Men's Wedding Bands

If you know anyone getting married, you've no doubt seen pictures of sparkly engagement rings on social media. But you don't see much attention paid to men's wedding bands, and they're often an afterthought even to the couple.

It took a lot of effort to find the right engagement ring. Now put some time into choosing your wedding band. There are more options than ever for men's wedding rings. You'll likely be wearing your ring a lot, so don't make it an afterthought.

You can go plain or fancy, subdued or add a little flash. To start, get acquainted with the traditional metals for wedding bands like gold, platinum or silver. If you are looking for something more durable, alternative metals like tungsten, cobalt, titanium and stainless steel might be the right choice for your lifestyle.

platinum band

The perfect symbol of everlasting love, platinum wedding bands last forever. This metal is strong and durable, making it the perfect choice for a wedding ring or a setting for a diamond or gemstone. A wonderful choice for men's wedding rings and women's wedding rings, platinum wedding bands are stunning with their natural white shine that will never fade or alter in color.

gold band

Gold has always been a standard for engagement and wedding jewelry, thanks to its naturally warm, yellow hue and beautiful luster. Gold wedding bands offer a variety of colors including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

silver band

Sterling Silver
When pure silver is mixed with less than 7.5% alloy, it's known as sterling silver and is significantly more durable than regular silver. Although sterling silver rings are durable, they are prone to tarnishing. Regular polishing with silver cleaner is a quick and easy way to keep your wedding band looking its best.

Alternative Metals

Beyond the three metals we all know, there is a world of lightweight, modern-looking and durable metals that have become popular for wedding bands. Alternative metals are great options for their durability and hypoallergenic qualities. Just keep in mind most alternative metal rings cannot be resized.

titanium band

Not only are titanium wedding rings strong, they're also incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear. This beautiful hypoallergenic metal won't tarnish, so a titanium wedding band will never lose its appeal and charm. (Note: titanium rings cannot be resized.)

stainless steel band

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel wedding bands are becoming popular because of their strength, durability and affordability. Shiny and strong, stainless steel rings can be polished to take on different looks-- the more matte look of pewter or the reflective look of chrome. Either way, people appreciate the sturdy, modern look of the metal. (Note: stainless steel rings cannot be resized.)

tungsten band

A metal that will last a lifetime, tungsten wedding bands are a strong choice that is perfect for those with an active lifestyle. Tungsten rings are hypoallergenic, scratch-resistant and tarnish-resistant, making this metal the perfect all-around choice for a wedding ring. Find tungsten in an array of beautiful shades and designs such as gray, black, rose and white tungsten. (Note: tungsten rings cannot be resized.)

cobalt band

Cobalt is a hypoallergenic metal that is about four times harder than platinum, making cobalt rings durable for a lifetime. Cobalt is a bright white metal, giving it the appearance of platinum. It's heavier than other alternative metals (such as titanium), giving it a heavier feeling for those who want weight to their wedding jewelry. Cobalt rings are scratch-resistant. It is also a metal that allows for easy resizing, unlike some of the other contemporary metals.

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