Women Proposing

Ready to get down on one knee, ladies? Here are some tips to make the moment amazing.

Is He Ready To Say Yes?

Have you discussed marriage? It’s generally a good idea to know that your significant other will react favorably when planning a proposal – especially if other people will be involved in the event. If you’re certain that he’s ready to start the next chapter with you, go for it! If not, maybe gauge his readiness with some hints or just have a simple conversation about your future to see where he stands.

Think About His Personal Style

Is he extroverted or introverted? Would his dream proposal be in front of his entire family and friend group or over a romantic candlelit dinner for two? Think of what your partner would like best and consider adding an extra element of romance by proposing somewhere that’s special to the two of you. Build the proposal around his likes and your unique love, and you can’t go wrong.

Understand His Plans

Will he be upset or excited that you chose to act first? Whether he was planning a proposal of his own or not, be sure to let him know that he is welcome to pop the question in return whenever he wants!

Go Beyond The Ring

Sure, it’s common to propose with a ring, but there are plenty of other great options when it comes to asking your man to marry you. Presenting him with a nice timepiece, bracelet, or cuff links is just as classy as proposing with a classic band. You could also consider getting a gift for both of you to mark the moment, such as matching pendants, bracelets, or bands.

Know All Men's Ring Options

If you opt for a classic proposal complete with an engagement ring, you’ve got plenty of options. Unlike with women’s rings, men’s engagement rings are typically wedding bands, worn on the left ring finger to denote engagement. When choosing a ring, think about whether he would like the classic look of a gold or silver band, or if he would prefer the more contemporary styles of titanium, tungsten, or a ring with a carbon fiber inlay. For a true romantic, a gemstone or diamond ring may be the right call. You can even choose to shop fashion rings instead of wedding bands. The Irish Claddagh ring, for example, features two hands holding a heart, topped with a crown, and symbolizes love, friendship and loyalty.