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Top 10 Engagement Ring Styles
Princess-Cut Engagement Rings

Princess Cut

Celebrated for its modern, on-trend look, this cut is largely popular because it’s more affordable than the similar round brilliant cut. The reason for this is that 80% of the diamond surface area is used to cut a princess, compared to 40% when cutting a round shape, making it easier to create.

Pear Engagement Rings


Pear-cut diamonds are eye-catching and asymmetrical and are sure to draw the eye no matter what their size. The pointed end is excellent for disguising flaws. This timeless cut also gives the illusion of longer, slimmer fingers. Selecting a pear-cut stone is a great way to maximize the amount of diamond you get for your money, as well.

Halo Engagement Rings


This engagement ring style’s popularity is due in part to its modern and timeless, adaptable yet iconic look. The halo protects the center diamond from daily wear and tear as well, while making the diamond appear to be larger in general.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold

A modern metal choice that suits vintage styles among others, rose gold makes the list for many reasons. One, it stands apart and adds warmth to your ring. The copper hues suit both white or brown diamonds as well, making this a great choice for many. Rose gold also mixes well with all other shades of gold, so you can easily pair it with your other rings.

Three-stone engagement rings


Ever since Meghan Markle said yes to Prince Harry’s three-stone engagement ring, people have been fawning over this style. It also doesn’t hurt that three small or medium stones will always be more affordable than one large stone. You get the biggest bang for your buck and you can choose more than one stone shape, making this style a win-win.

Oval engagement rings


Oval-shaped diamonds have become increasingly popular in recent years since they offer beautiful sparkle for a lower price than the typical round-cut diamond. The elongated shape also makes the stone appear larger than it actually is. Many people appreciate how oval-shaped engagement rings tend to make their fingers look longer and slimmer, as well.

Round engagement ring styles


Round-cut engagement rings have remained the style of choice for the better part of the last century and it’s not hard to see why. Round stones hold timeless appeal and stand out in all setting styles because of the brilliance and fire emitted from the many facets of the cut. Their high popularity guarantees that they will hold their value over time. In addition, the versatility of a round-cut stone makes it easy to add onto your ring down the road without changing out the center diamond.

Gemstone engagement ring styles


Gemstone engagement rings have been around for centuries but they have risen in popularity again as a gorgeous alternative choice. This is likely because of the way a gemstone ring stands out and lets you express your unique personal style, whether by choosing a favorite color or perhaps your birthstone for the center stone. Some gemstones are more affordable than diamonds as well, so you may be able to get a bigger look for less.

Engagement rings for the minimalist


Minimalist engagement rings are both timeless and more affordable than other styles. Keeping the shank simple, the sparkle to a minimum and opting for a reasonable-sized center stone are all typical minimalist elements that will help keep the cost down. Styles featuring minimalist designs are basically guaranteed to be in style years from now, which is a big plus.

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

Vintage Inspired

Vintage-inspired rings make a strong statement and show a lot of personality. They embody timeless elegance in its purest form. The designers of the 1920s are said to have kept longevity of style in mind when creating these styles and 100 years later, it’s clear that it worked.

KAY popular engagement ring styles

Explore our top 10 engagement rings from KAY. Our list of top 10 beautiful engagement rings has a style for her, whether you're looking for a simple and classic white gold solitaire engagement ring or a trendy rose gold gemstone engagement ring.

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