They’ll Never Expect This

We all know that Valentine’s Day is on the calendar—but what they don’t know? Everything you have planned to WOW them! Whether you’re looking ahead to a romantic evening with your sweetheart or making it a ladies-only bash with your besties, here are some ways to surprise your Valentines and Galentines in ways they won’t soon forget.

Play That Funky Music

Head to the local dive bar to take advantage of their old-school jukebox. You can surprise your sweetie with a heartfelt dedication, or if you go there with your gal pals, take the mood back to your younger years with vintage tunes you used to dance to together. The casual atmosphere and classic chart-toppers will put a fun twist on the night out.

Drive-In Movie Night

No drive-in nearby? No problem. Create your own socially distanced version at home with a projector, a streaming account, and some concession-style goodies. Classic Raisinets and a small-but amazing gift (from KAY!) hidden in the bowl of popcorn will make it a five-star Valentine’s Day to remember.

Skate Date

Channel your favorite hand-holding scene in just about every classic rom-com. Surprise your date with a trip to the local roller rink, and let the retro atmosphere and Top 40 hits make it a date to remember. Don’t forget to hit the concession stand after the slow skate!

Sing It, Sister

Invite all your gal pals out to a night of karaoke, or create your own fun at home with a Youtube app and an amplified mic. You’ll have a blast serenading each other as you imitate Shania, Christina, and Aretha. Gather ‘round background-singer style and belt out some Beyoncé. Single ladies or not, you’ll have a blast together—just the girls. At the end of the night, surprise each guest with a “note” sharing your thanks for such amazing friendship.

Take a Hike

Let your Valentine know you’ll pick them up early—really early. Where will you be going? To watch the sunrise together. You’ll get a jump on the day in a romantic way, with extra time to celebrate each other. After the sun’s up, head out to a delicious breakfast, where you can surprise your honey with the first gift of the day—something amazing from KAY!

First Date Do-over

Surprise them with a recreation of that first date you had together. Head to that not-so-great Chinese restaurant, get the same drinks at that first dive bar, or take some swings at the batting cages—just like you did on your first date. If you’ve been together a long time, you’ll have fun laughing about those early days, and it may even remind you both why you fell so deeply in love in the first place.

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