Giving A Surprise Jewelry Gift?


Giving a surprise gift, whether it’s for an occasion or just because, is a fun way to show your love. But some people are harder to surprise than others. Of course you need to hide the gift until you’re ready to give it, but don’t stop there! Below are five ideas to make the surprise even better. 

The Delivery: Consider enlisting a friend, family member, or even a pet to deliver your gift. This works especially well on a birthday when your partner will expect something from you. 

The Packaging: Beautiful wrapping is special, but it is also a giveaway. Instead, try everyday packaging like a grocery bag, old box, or even an envelope. 

The Discovery: Hide the gift somewhere your partner won’t expect it. A medicine cabinet, tool shed, or kitchen cabinet are places they’ll never expect to find a dazzling surprise. 

The Adventure: If your partner loves scavenger hunts, why not plan one? A little forethought and coordination can really take the surprise to the next level. 

The Heart-Felt Find: Think of a place that’s meaningful to your partner or you as a couple. The gift will be extra special when given in a sentimental location.  

Your partner will love the gift no matter what, but a surprise adds a little something extra. However, if you think your partner may be expecting an engagement ring, be cautious. You don’t want them to be disappointed because they expected something else.