Solutions for Common Ring Issues

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No other piece of jewelry comes with its own myriad of issues like rings. From sizing to stubbornness (like when one is stuck on your finger), you'll find solutions for every common ring quandary below.

My ring is stuck and I can't get it off!

Before you panic and start yanking at the ring, take a breath. Pulling at it may only make it worse. Instead, give these tried and true methods a shot:

  • Ice and elevate: A swollen hand is a common culprit when it comes to rings getting stuck. The go-to medical way to reduce swelling is to raise the hand and apply a cold compress. Try to, gently, remove the ring again once you've applied both these recommendations.
  • Lather up: Simply washing your hands may be enough to loosen the stubborn jewelry.
  • Get messy: One of the best ways to remove a ring is with the help of a slippery substance like vegetable oil, body lotion or petroleum jelly. Don't hold back, apply a healthy amount to your finger, rub in, then gently twist and pull off the ring.
  • Last resort: If none of the above seems to be making any progress, give your doctor a call. In extreme, very rare cases, a ring can be cut off if necessary by a medical professional.

My ring is the wrong size

Ring size is tough thing to determine without the help of a jeweler and, often, people get it wrong. Here's what you need to know about resizing:

  • There are some metals and styles that cannot be resized: These include tungsten carbide, titanium, and stainless steel. Some designs, such as eternity bands with diamonds encircling the entire band, also cannot be adjusted in size.
  • Traditional metals can usually be resized: In general gold, silver and platinum can be adjusted up or down one size.
  • Style could make things complicated: The ring setting, gemstone accents, and overall design will factor into how simple or challenging your ring may be to resize. These considerations also may impact the price of resizing. Ask your KAY jewelry consultant for guidance.

Other common ring issues