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The difference in a ring setting vs a semi mount

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Simply put, a semi-mount is a ring that does not yet have a center stone. It allows you to choose a band that truly expresses your style, then add the diamond of your dreams!

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What is a semi mount?  Semi mount rings fall somewhere between an in-store ring and a completely custom ring. A semi mount ring is one that is partially complete; it lacks a center stone, or stones, but has all of the remaining ring accents such as diamonds on the band and overall ring style. With a semi mount ring setting, you're able to choose your ideal center stone, or stones, including the diamond cut, carat weight and more. A semi mount ring is an exceptional choice for those who love direction but still want some flexibility in customizing their dream ring. If you want to design your own engagement ring, one of the first steps is choosing your engagement ring setting.

What is a ring setting?  There are many different types of ring settings, from classic prong settings to trendy bezel settings. A ring setting is the style of design of how the center stone is placed in the ring. A prong setting is a common design where the center stone of a ring is held together usually by four prongs. This setting is perfect if you want the center stone to really shine. Halo diamond wedding ring settings are also a popular choice, as the halo of diamonds can make your engagement ring seem bigger. A bezel ring setting is a unique ring setting, as this accentuates the surrounding metal. Bezel ring settings are great for your everyday ring setting or as a special wedding ring setting. A ring setting is an important part of buying any ring, whether you are looking for ring settings for diamonds for a wedding ring, or a special gift for her. At KAY, our ring settings come in a wide assortment in styles in some of your favorite metals, including gold ring settings, platinum rings settings, and classic sterling silver ring settings.