Ring Size Guide

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Helpful Hints for the
perfect ring size

  • When it comes to finding your ring size, timing is everything. Measure in the morning when your body is cool - that way swelling won't affect the measurement.
  • This might seem obvious, but make sure to measure the finger you plan to wear your ring on. Dominant-side fingers are usually a bit larger than fingers on your opposite hand.
  • A tip to remember: a wider band means a tighter fit. Consider a bit of wiggle room if you're going bold.
  • Large knuckles can make sizing tricky. Find a size that allows you to slip the ring over your knuckles but isn't loose enough to fall off.
  • Some rings can't be resized. Special metals like tungsten, titanium, cobalt, stainless steel and platinum fall into this category. This includes rings designed with gemstones all the way around like eternity bands.
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Tips for the perfect fit

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Use Another Ring

Your partner may not wear a ring on their left ring finger, but their right ring finger may be comparable in size. Use a ring they wear frequently for sizing at a KAY store or download our online ring size chart to compare at home.

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Just Ask!


You want the proposal to be a surprise, but you've likely at least talked about your future together. So, just ask your partner’s ring size. The details of how you propose can still be a fun and secret surprise!

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Enlist A Friend

Friends and family can be your strongest allies. Collaborate with a friend to investigate ring sizing on a shopping trip. Or have a family member say they need the size for a gift idea.

A printable ring size chart with instructions and ring sizes.

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Ring Size Chart

Use this printable ring size chart to measure a ring you already wear on the same finger. Print out the chart and begin placing the ring on each circle. Eventually, you should find one that fits snugly on the inside of the ring. This ring measurement tool can help you confidently by a ring for your size.


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We're Here for You

Did you order the wrong size or are you still not sure where to start? Don’t worry! KAY has helped couples getting engaged understand jewelry options for more than 100 years, so we know a thing or two about all that. Browse our unique ring selection online or stop by in-store at a KAY near you. Our expert associates have plenty of ideas to make this process easier and offer ring resizing services. Set up an appointment with one of our associates to find out more.

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