Jewelry Gifts for Relationship Milestones: Early On & Beyond

You may not be quite ready to pop the question, but you still want to celebrate your relationship and your partner. Relationship milestones are the perfect opportunity to give a gift that expresses how you feel. Consider these ideas for common relationship milestones.

Early on: 3 - 6 months

If things are off to a good start, don't wait for a holiday to make your partner feel special! This isn't the time to go big, so choose a gift that is sweet and simple. Keep your partner's taste in mind, and consider these ideas:

  • Charm bracelet: This is a gift you can continue to add on to for occasion and  years to come.
  • A simple pendant: A versatile necklace will get lots of wear, and lots of love.
  • Sterling silver or gold studs: Another versatile accessory, earrings are a winning gift.

Further along: 6 months to 1 year

You've been together long enough to really learn what your significant other does and doesn't like. Use this to your advantage to get them something personal. Here are a few ideas:

  • A necklace with a symbolic charm: This could reflect a nickname you have, an inside joke, or a special date you shared.
  • Diamond studs: Diamonds carry a lot of symbolism, and instantly tell a person "I love you."  This sparking gift will be cherished for years. 
  • A birthstone ring: Birthstones add a personal touch to an already beautiful gift. It could even be a promise ring to symbolize your commitment. 

Happy together: 1 year or more

You grow closer every day, and you want a gift that will really melt your partner’s heart. One year is a big milestone, so consider your choices carefully. The previous ideas would work, but consider these too: 

  • A diamond necklace: This gift will surely bring the "wow" factor. Choose a heart or other symbolic design for an extra romantic touch.
  • Personalized jewelry: Add your names or another inscription, like your anniversary date, for something truly special.