Jewelry to Accessorize a Strapless Dress


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Strapless dresses are perfect for pairing with jewelry. An open neck, shoulders, and arms allows you to display your favorite jewelry with show-stopping flair. 

Before you select your jewelry, think about your hairstyle. Bolder necklaces and earrings work well with updos and short hair. If you have long hair and wear it down, consider a statement ring or bracelet.  

Here are a few ideas for jewelry to wear with a strapless dress. 


  • A collar or bib-style necklace to will really pop with a strapless dress
  • Long chains or diamond necklaces
  • Layered necklaces are another stylish option. Combine shorter necklaces to create a bib style, or pair longer chains for a sleek look. Just make sure they’re the right length for your neckline. 


  • A pair of small drop earrings or sparkly studs works well with a statement necklace. 

  • If earrings are your focal point, find a pair of bold drop earrings or hoops. Plain metal is always beautiful, but diamonds and gemstones add extra flair. 


  • A chunky cuff or link bracelet is gorgeous on its own or with a pair of statement earrings. You can also stack multiple bracelets for a similar style. 

  • For a simpler look that still makes an impact, consider a tennis or bolo bracelet with diamonds or gemstones. 


  • A fabulous cocktail ring that complements your other accessories can really tie your look together. Look for a design with an intricate pattern or shining gemstones. 

  • Thinner bands with a textured design or gemstones can create a boho style, and they pair well with long chains. 


Ok, not a piece of jewelry, but an important thing to determine before you select your jewelry. Generally, if your hair is short or you wear your hair up, a bold necklace or earrings would be the right piece to choose. For those who wear their hair down, your jewelry will be less noticeable on the neck and ears, so consider making a ring or bracelet your focal point.

An occasion that warrants a gorgeous strapless dress deserves some spectacular jewelry. No matter the style that suits you, following some basic guidelines for choosing the piece will help you make the right investment.

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