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How to Wear Different Necklace Lengths


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There are many necklace lengths to choose from when shopping for necklaces. When shopping online, it can be difficult to visualize where they will rest and how they will look. But there’s an easy way to ensure you get the right fit on every piece you like.

Understanding the standard necklace length measurements of most necklaces can help you know where to start. Use our quick necklace length chart to learn the basics. This can help you decide which length is the ideal one for you. And yes: this covers men’s necklace lengths and women’s necklace lengths!

Necklace Length Chart

Necklace chain length comes into play with everything from simple solitaire diamond necklaces to dangling fashion necklaces. Even for men, the length of the chain plays an important role in the styling.

Our necklace length guide covers popular length options for men’s and women’s jewelry. We also provide some outfit tips on how best to accessorize.

Styling Tips to Consider

Before we get into standard necklace lengths, there are some styling tips you should know. For instance, did you know that face shape can help you decide how long a necklace should be? Common face shapes are oval, round, square and heart-shaped.

Oval: Those with oval face shapes are rather lucky since you can get a necklace as long as you wish.

Round: Try a necklace that's on the longer side since this could flatter your face better. Take a look at pendant necklaces or anything that can create a long v-shape. Avoid chokers as they tend to make your face seem rounder.

Heart-Shaped or Square: For these face types, chokers might work best as they tend to create a more flattering overall look.


Women’s necklaces come in as many styles as there are personalities! With that in mind, we separated chain length into popular categories. While you can use this length chart as a guide, feel free to break the rules from time to time. It’s all about your own personal style!

14 inches

Placement: This style of necklace generally sits tightly around the neck. Many people are familiar with this length due to the popularity of choker necklaces. For those who want something that sits fairly high up on the neck, this is the best option.

Worn Best With: Wear this style with open necklines such as scoop, V-neck, off-the-shoulder and boatneck blouses and dresses.

Style It: Chokers can be worn by themselves or with jewelry of other lengths

16 inches

Placement: This style of necklace typically sits around the base of a person’s throat. These necklaces are worn near your clavicle.

Worn Best With:Jewelry of this length makes for extremely versatile accessories. They perfectly accent almost every outfit!

Style It: Similarly to 14 inch lengths, these necklaces can be styled alone or as part of a layering technique with longer necklaces.

18 inches

Placement:Jewelry of this length falls on or just below the collarbone. It is also the most common length for necklaces.

Worn Best With:18 inch long necklaces accent everyday outfits and ballroom gowns equally.

Style It:Though these necklaces can be worn with others, many people wear them alone. When joined with a pendant or charm, you can really make a statement.

20 to 24 inches

Placement: These necklaces generally rest between the collarbone and bust area, depending on how long they are.

Worn Best With:Opt for clothing with higher necklines and collared shirts when wearing this style of necklace.

Style It: Pair this with a shorter-length necklace, like 14 or 16 inches for a layered look.

28 to 36 inches

Placement:These styles rest on the bust or one to two inches below your sternum bone.

Worn Best With:These longer necklaces flatter most necklines regardless of style.

Style It:Wear these pieces with boho or elegant looks for a dreamy vibe.

36 to 42 inches

Placement:The longest category of length types, these can be wrapped to sit on or just below the center of the bust area.

Worn Best With:Wear these necklaces with elegant business and evening wear for the most dramatic effect.

Style It:These necklaces make perfect additions to layered looks or can be worn alone.


18 inches

Placement:These necklaces tend to rest at the base of the neck for shorter men.

20 inches

Placement:The most common men’s length. These styles sit on the collarbone area.

22 inches

Placement:These chain lengths sit a few inches below the collarbone. They make perfect partners for pendants.

24 inches

Placement:Necklaces this long tend to sit just above the sternum area.

What to Wear Now

Take the guesswork out of shopping for necklaces online with our necklace lengths guide. You can easily determine the right length for you any time, right at home! Whether sizing a gift or a new chain for yourself, it’s a snap. Find the perfect styles for you in our varied necklace collection. KAY carries birthstone pendant necklaces, fashion and layering necklaces, designer necklaces and more. Browse our unique selection online or stop by in-store at a KAY near you.

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