Necklace Basics

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Necklaces: A basic wardrobe staple

Elegant and easy, everyone loves a necklace.

Common types of necklaces

Chain:  The base for many types of necklaces, a chain is a simple strand of links. Though seemingly straightforward, there is a vast variety of chains with different shapes that interlock. These are a few of the most popular:

  • Box
  • Figaro
  • Omega
  • Rope
  • Snake
  • Wheat
  • Curb
  • Byzantine
  • Cable

Pendant:  A pendant is a bauble, charm or gemstone that hangs from the chain. Pendant options are almost limitless, making them one of the most varied and popular styles.

Strand:  The most well-known example of this necklace is a strand of pearls. Strands feature back to back gemstones or beads, usually all of one conforming size.

Choker:  A choker is short in length but great in style. Worn close to the neck, the choker creates a dramatic look that can be amplified by sparkling gemstones.

For reference - Standard necklace lengths


14-16 inches


17-24 inches


25-36 inches

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