Out with the old! This Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to look at love through a new lens. While roses, chocolate, and (of course) jewelry will never go out of style, these fresh takes on the tried-and-true are sure to give this year’s celebration an updated twist.

Traditional Gift: Red Roses
Modern Makeover: Bouquet of Color

Show your significant other you know them—really know them. Enlist your florist to create a custom bouquet of flowers in their favorite color. Does she love blue? Imagine hydrangeas and iris wrapped in red paper. Does he root for the Fighting Irish? Give him a calla lily surrounded by fresh greenery. While everyone else will be giving red roses, you’ll have a thoughtful, unexpected gesture that shows you think of the finer details.

Traditional Gift: Box of Chocolates
Modern Makeover: Hot Chocolate Bombs

They’re all the rage: hot chocolate bombs. These spheres exploding with indulgence are the new must-have when it comes to chocolatey treats. Like giant truffles, the cocoa globes reveal surprise ingredients inside when dropped into warm milk. Have your local chocolatier fill yours with heart-shaped marshmallows or red hot candies. You can then serve your date one of these treasures—along with a cozy atmosphere perfect for cuddling and sharing something sweet.

Traditional Gift: Diamond Studs
Modern Makeover: Design-Minded Bling

While tried-and-true jewelry go-tos like diamond studs and tennis bracelets will never fall out of fashion, maybe this is the year to surprise your Valentine with something unexpected. Show you’re in touch with their sense of style by going for a ring that combines birthstones with a halo of diamonds, a watch to represent all the good times you’ve had, or hoop earrings dressed in sparkle to show your all-around admiration.

Traditional Gift: Conversation Hearts
Modern Makeover: Conversation Cookies

Instead of chalky and cheeky, try a personalized version of Valentine’s Day’s most iconic candy. Bake your own heart-shaped, colored sugar cookies, and use a food-safe decorating pen to write your own messages. You can add inside jokes, sweet nicknames, or sultry suggestions to make the moment meaningful and delicious.

Traditional Gift: Store-Bought Card
Modern Makeover: DIY Card

Show you’ve spent time and artistic talent to make Valentine’s Day amazing. Instead of impersonal store-bought cards purchased at the last minute on the way to the date, get a head start with crafty supplies at home. Your own combination of fun papers, laces, glitters, and details—not to mention your own custom, romantic message—will mean more than any mass-produced version ever could!