Loose Diamond Preview

See your diamond first with an in-store preview!

Not sure if you've found the right one? With a refundable 20% down payment, you can now preview a diamond at KAY Jewelers before you purchase.

How it works:


  • Add your selected loose diamond to your shopping bag.
  • Select the "In-Store Preview" option during checkout.
  • As you check out, you will only be charged for a down payment on the purchase price:
    • If the loose diamond total is equal to or less than $4,999.99, you would be responsible for submitting a 20% down payment.
    • If the loose diamond total is equal to or greater than $5,000.00, then you would be responsible for submitting a 10% down payment.
    • The down payment percentage is based on the line item total, not the order total. If there are multiple diamonds within your shopping cart, one less than $5,000.00 and one equal to or greater than $5,000.00, the diamonds will require different down payment amounts.
    • Your diamond will be shipped to the KAY Jewelers location you select and you will be notified when your diamond has arrived at the store.

If you decide not to purchase the diamond, your down payment will be refunded.

Offer only applies to select loose diamonds. To qualify for the down payment offer, the diamond must be shipped to a KAY Jewelers store. Only bank cards or gift cards are accepted for down payment. KAY Jewelers Credit Cards may not be used as a payment option. Promotional offers do not apply to the down payment. Tax is not collected as part of the down payment.

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