How to Choose your Signature Jewelry Style


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Most people have one signature clothing style they gravitate toward - the vibe that embodies their interests, tastes, and day-to-day mood. So, why not do the same for your jewelry wardrobe?

If you're trying to figure out your signature jewelry look, this article can help you narrow it down by style, piece, element, or type.

1. Style:  Why not extend your signature clothing style into your jewelry? Pick a style that collaborates with your closet. Consider ornate styles with gemstones if you like the vintage look, bold metals and black diamonds if you're edgy, or cultured pearls for classic looks.

2. Piece:  If simple, low maintenance style is your thing, consider choosing a few signature pieces that you can rotate. This is a bold move, but if your pieces are versatile, you are ready for any occasion.

3. Element:  Some people are instantly drawn to a specific jewelry element. It could be gold, silver, or gemstones - whatever it is, this characteristic inspires you. Consider using this to create your signature style and building your jewelry box around it.

4. Type:  Are you 100% a bracelet, necklace or ring kind of woman? Make your favorite type of jewelry your new signature look by going with all bracelets, all necklaces or all rings.

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