How to Customize your Engagement Rings


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An engagement ring is a symbol of the happy moments you’ve shared and a promise of a beautiful life together. There are hundreds of stunning rings to choose from, but customizing an engagement ring adds an extra special touch. You can capture your partner’s personal style and give them something unique.  
At KAY, we have a couple ways to customize an engagement ring that offer different levels of personalization. Read more about each below. 
Create Your Own Engagement Ring 
Our intuitive online program easily guides you through each step of creating your own engagement ring. From diamond shapes to metal colors and ring styles, there are millions of designs to make! Here is a breakdown of the different steps to give you a preview of the process. 
  • First, you will choose if you want to select from popular designs or create your own. Beginning with popular designs gives you ideas for what is possible with this program. This is a good option if you’re not sure where to start. Once you select a design, you can purchase it as-is or make modifications. 
  • If you decide to create your own, you will start by choosing a diamond. Select the shape, carat weight, and quality that suit your vision and budget. 
  • Next is the ring head, which is the part of the ring that holds your center stone(s) in place. Some options include accent stones, so you can pick those out as well.  
  • Then, you can select the mounting. This includes the band style as well as side stones, classic or Euro shank, and carvings. You can even add an engraved message, like your initials or wedding date. 
  • Next you will choose the metal type for the ring head and mounting. After that, you can decide whether to add a matching wedding band, and then review your design. Designs typically take 4-6 weeks to ship, and you can have them shipped to you or your nearest KAY. This minimizes the chance of your partner accidentally opening the package or getting suspicious. 
Custom Design Studio 
Create Your Own Engagement Ring gives you many stunning options, but some stone shapes, gemstones, and designs aren’t available. The Custom Design Studio at KAY allows you to create a one-of-a-kind design from scratch with the help of our consultants. Visit the custom design page to learn more and book an appointment today!