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Yellow gold necklaces are a gorgeous accessory and a stunning way to express love.


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Gold Jewelry at KAY

Yellow gold may be a current jewelry trend, but it’s always in style. This shade has a lasting appeal that makes it perfect for modern and classic designs alike. Sparkling diamonds stand out even more when set in yellow gold engagement rings and wedding bands. There are many gorgeous ways to wear yellow gold jewelry, and below are some tips for how to style it best. 

How to Style Yellow Gold 

Layering: Yellow gold chain necklaces pair well with pendants and chains to create a gorgeous layered look. Wear your favorite gold hoops with a pair of studs to add a little drama to a ponytail or updo. Mix and match yellow gold rings with white and rose gold for a boho look or statement piece. 

Gemstones: This shade is pretty versatile, but some gemstones pair especially well with yellow gold. Look for styles with fiery rubies for a classic and vibrant color combination. And if you’re feeling lucky, emerald jewelry might be for you. Citrine and yellow gold are a gorgeous choice for a bright, monochromatic look. 

Wedding Jewelry: Yellow gold complements many wedding dress styles, from classic ballgowns to lacy, boho-inspired silhouettes. Choose a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings with cultured pearls for a more traditional look. You can also opt for plain yellow gold jewelry for a streamlined style that still shines.