Find out you’re expecting? Congratulations! In just a few weeks, you’ll reach the first milestone of many to come: the gender reveal! Parents used to learn their baby’s boy/girl status via simple declaration from the ultrasound tech. No longer! These days, the big news feels so much bigger—with parties, popped balloons, mystery cakes, and colorful explosions. But what about adding jewelry into the mix? Here are our favorite ways to make your baby’s gender reveal extra special with a bit of bling.

Put a Ring on It

Tell the tech to seal the gender news in an envelope. After the appointment, head to KAY to shop for a right-hand ring you’ll wear for years to come—featuring blue or pink gemstones, depending on the news. Your Jewelry Consultant can take a peek in the envelope and help make the shopping a surprise. You can choose to open the little box over dinner or in front of family, and you’ll finally see aquamarine or morganite, blue sapphire or pink tourmaline. The secret will be out—and shining for all to see.

A variety of birthstone statement rings

Locket Up

What’s more heirloom-worthy than a gorgeous, meaningful locket? Shop for one you’ll soon wear with your baby’s photo. Before he or she gets here, enlist a friend to secretly learn the gender news, and then she can fill the locket with pink or blue paper. When it’s time to reveal, you can open the locket that will hold your family’s story.

Explore locket necklaces for your gender reveal

So Charming

Head to KAY with your secret sealed in an envelope, and then shop for a charm bracelet. Your Jewelry Consultant can select your first charm to represent the gender. For the big reveal, you can open the box to reveal the news, and then you can continue to add charms to the bracelet as your baby reaches more magical milestones.

Shop charms for gender reveal ideas

Birth + Stones

Have a good idea of when the birthday will fall? Shop for a necklace, earrings, or a ring featuring baby’s birthstone in combination with pink or blue accent stones. You can enlist a friend or KAY Jewelry Consultant to put it together for you in secret. When you open the box at your big party, you’ll have the perfect way to commemorate the excitement.

Explore birthstone jewelry for your gender reveal party

Get Personal

Take advantage of KAY’s personalized jewelry options, and create something totally unique. Get a pendant engraved with “Baby Boy” or “Baby Girl,” depending on the news. (Your Jewelry Consultant can help keep the secret from you!) When it’s time to reveal the gender, you’ll have a piece of jewelry to treasure long after the birthday.

Consider personalized jewelry for a gender reveal gift idea