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Design Your Own Engagement Ring Online

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    Find Your Ideal Diamond
    Start by finding the shape that speaks to you and make a ring that's truly yours.
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    Select A Setting
    Begin by choosing from a selection of setting designs and styles.
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    Create Your Own Ring
    Mix and match stone shapes, metals and more with our online tool.

Our Promise

All our diamonds and precious metals are responsibly sourced.
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    Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Rings
    Diamonds for every love, kiss, and forever.
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    Gemstone Engagement Rings
    Ask for their hand with a ring that's unique, colorful, and meaningful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An engagement ring is a symbolic gesture representing a commitment to marriage. It is traditionally given by one partner to another as a symbol of their intention to marry.

The "Four Cs" refer to carat weight, cut, color, and clarity – the key criteria used to evaluate the quality and characteristics of diamonds.

An engagement ring is typically given at the time of the proposal, while a wedding ring is exchanged during the wedding ceremony. The engagement ring often features a prominent center stone, while the wedding ring is a band symbolizing the ongoing commitment.

Knowing the recipient's ring size is helpful, but it can be adjusted after the proposal. You can ask friends or family or use an existing ring for reference. Resizing is a common service offered by jewelers.

The "right" amount to spend on an engagement ring varies based on personal preferences and financial circumstances. Traditionally, the guideline of spending two to three months' salary has been suggested, but it's essential to choose a ring that fits your budget comfortably.

Yes, many jewelers offer customization options for engagement rings. You can choose the type of metal, the design of the setting, and the characteristics of the diamond to create a unique and personalized ring.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep an engagement ring in good condition. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, remove it when doing physical activities, and have it professionally cleaned and inspected periodically.

Lab-grown diamonds are often considered a more ethical choice compared to natural diamonds because they do not involve environmentally impactful mining practices. However, ethical considerations may vary, and it's essential to research the specific practices of the manufacturer.

A lab-grown diamond is created in a laboratory setting using advanced technological processes. It has the same physical and chemical properties as a natural diamond but is produced artificially.

A diamond certificate is an official document from a gemological laboratory that provides detailed information about the diamond's characteristics, including the Four Cs. It is important for transparency and ensures that the diamond meets industry standards.

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