Pearls for your wedding day

Thinking about wearing pearls on your big day? Discover more about the timeless trend.

Pearls have always been a beautiful bridal accessory, but their ongoing popularity is really founded in their extraordinary history.

Pearls in the past:

It may be surprising to learn that pearls were first discovered when diving for oysters and, even then, not every oyster had a pearl in it and not every pearl was round. Because of their scarcity, pearls were commonly associated with the rich and royal.

In fact, it wasn't until the early 20th Century when the process of culturing pearls was refined. Since then, pearl farming, has increased the accessibility of pearls. That's why the pearls you find in stores today are almost always cultured. Still, cultured pearls have retained their desirable status.

Similar to the meaning behind white wedding dresses, pearls also represent purity within certain cultures.

With such a remarkable history, it's easy to see why cultured pearls have become such a common bridal accessory. Today they're frequently given as a gift to future brides, worn by bridesmaids, or passed down as an heirloom.

Here are a couple ways to wear pearls on your big day:

1. Wear simple pearl studs for a classic bridal look.

2. Consider pairing a double strand of pearls with a strapless gown.

3. Chandelier pearl earrings can be worn for a more dramatic effect.

4. Accentuate an off the shoulder or sweetheart neckline with a single strand necklace.

5. Wear a strand of graduated pearls for a unique, dainty look.

6. Spice things up with mismatched, colored cultured pearl earrings.

7. Go for a simple pendant pearl necklace if you're wearing a halter gown.

8. Consider pearls featuring diamond or rose gold accents for a romantic look.

By choosing to accessorize with pearls on your big day, you'll add an extra touch of elegance and class to your already beautiful wedding.


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