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Explore popular engagement ring styles and the latest from designer engagement rings like Neil Lane with our top ten engagement rings list. These top engagement rings come from a variety of engagement ring designers like Neil Lane, The Leo Diamond and Tolkowsky. Our list of top 10 beautiful engagement rings has a style for her, whether you're looking for a simple and classic white gold solitaire engagement ring or a trendy rose gold gemstone engagement ring. Even better, our top engagement rings are also bridal sets. Shop for her engagement ring and bridal set in one trip by purchasing a beautiful bridal set. Check out some of the top engagement ring trends!

Top Engagement Ring Style-Round Diamonds:

A resurgence of classic engagement ring styles, timeless round-cut diamonds have become a top trend for engagement rings. Explore round engagement rings in simple solitaire styles or add some extra shine with a halo style. One thing is for sure, round-cut diamonds are a must for top engagement rings. Pair your round white diamond with yellow gold, white gold or a romantic rose gold.

Top Engagement Ring Styles-Rose Gold:

Perhaps the most popular engagement ring trend has not so much to do with the style of the engagement ring rather than it's color. Rose gold engagement rings are a top engagement ring trend, for the metal's romantic and feminine look. Explore designer engagement rings from Neil Lane in rose gold for a glamorously feminine engagement ring for her. Rose gold engagement rings look beautiful with white diamond halo rings or even a large gemstone engagement ring. Our top engagement rings include a romantic rose gold halo engagement ring and a bold amethyst bridal set in rose gold.

Top Engagement Ring Styles-Halo:

A halo engagement ring features a design that surrounds a center stone encircled with smaller stones for a breathtaking effect. Not only are halo rings beautiful, many adore halo engagement rings ability to enlarge the look of the engagement ring center stone--no wonder it is a top engagement ring trend! Center white diamond accented with more white diamonds can be the perfect look for a top engagement ring. Halo rings can add extra shine and sparkle to any engagement ring cut. Explore designer engagement rings like Neil Lane for stunning halo engagement rings.

Top Engagement Ring Styles-Three Stone:

The three-stone engagement ring has recently become a top engagement ring design again thanks to royalty. Three-stone engagement rings are a popular engagment ring choice as a three-stone engagement ring can symbolize the past, present and future of your relationship; however, the three stone ring can represent whatever you please! Three-stone engagement rings are an effortless combination of elegance and sparkle. Three stone diamonds look great on any yellow gold engagement ring, white gold engagement ring or rose gold engagement ring. Three stone engagement rings come in an array of breathtaking shapes and designs.

Top Engagement Rings Styles-Solitaire:

When you think engagement ring, solitaire engagement rings are a classic choice. Giving your fiancee a solitaire engagement ring gives her the opportunity to show off her diamond in a timeless setting that will never go out of style. Solitaire engagement rings are engagement rings with a single stone. Solitaire engagement rings can have a variety of center stones including a gemstone solitaire engagement ring, a white diamond engagement ring, a black diamond engagement ring, and more. Are you wondering "what engagement ring is my style?" Well, if you're going for a traditional look, a round diamond is the perfect style, but a princess-cut diamond, oval gemstone, pear diamond, emerald-cut or marquise shape single stone engagement ring can give her solitaire engagement ring a more unique flare. Solitaire engagement rings come in a variety of metals including yellow gold solitaire engagement rings, white gold engagement solitaire rings and rose gold solitaire engagement rings. Explore The Leo Diamond for extraordinary diamond solitaire engagement rings. Whatever you choose, solitaire engagement rings can make her engagement ring timeless and true to her tastes.

Top Engagement Ring Styles-Vintage Engagement Rings:

Shop vintage engagement rings for a unique piece inspired by the past. Vintage engagement rings offer a variety of styles from timeless, romantic looks to extravagant Art Deco engagement rings that are sure to capture her artistic style. Shop Vintage engagement ring styles in yellow gold engagement rings, white gold engagement rings, rose gold engagement rings and more. Explore Neil Lane Studio for beautifully-crafted Art-Deco engagement rings for intricate engagement rings with details as unique as your love for one another.

Top Engagement Ring Styles-Gemstone Engagement Rings:

Gemstones have been around for centuries, and gemstone engagement rings have become a popular engagement ring for women looking for unique engagement rings . Celebrated for their colorful tones, gemstones engagement rings can be a colorful center stone or a fashionable accent to a classic diamond engagement ring. Although there are many colorful stones, some gems have become popular for engagement rings. Are you thinking, "what engagement rings are in style?" Morganite engagement rings, aquamarine engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings, garnet engagement rings, amethyst engagement rings and blue topaz rings are trending engagement rings for their vibrant colors.

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