Giving a Surprise Jewelry Gift?

Here are five ideas to deliver the surprise!

1. The Delivery: Don't give the gift yourself - he or she might be expecting that! Employ your friend, neighbor, or even your four-legged friend to deliver your gift.

2. The Packaging: Beautiful wrapping, while special, is a dead giveaway a gift is coming. Throw your loved one off the scent with ordinary, everyday packaging, like a grocery bag, old box, or even an envelope.

3. The Discovery: Hide your gift somewhere he or she won't be expecting it. The medicine cabinet, tool shed, or refrigerator are all places your loved one is likely to go and never expect to find a dazzling surprise.

4. The Adventure: Yup, it's scavenger hunt time! A little planning and coordination can take the presentation of the surprise to the next level.

5. The Heart-Felt Find: Think of someplace meaningful to the person, or to you as a couple. The surprise will be extra special when presented in a sentimental location.


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