So You're Getting Engaged?

It's finally happened - you found the one. Congratulations on getting ready to take this next big step in your relationship! At Kay, we're here to help you every step of the way. Planning a proposal and buying an engagement ring can be intimidating - but don't worry - we've got you covered. If you're ready to get engaged but not sure where to start, below are some basics you'll want to figure out before the big moment.

Discover their style

How do you know what kind of engagement ring your significant other will like? To buy an engagement ring that fits their style, notice the details.

  • What kind of clothes do they wear? If they tend to wear bold patterns and bright colors,they might like something unique. If they prefer more classic looks with neutral tones and standard shapes, it might be a good idea to check out more traditional engagement ring styles.
  • What are they drawn to? Take them to a local art gallery, or even the mall, and see what they gravitate towards. Happen to pass your local Kay? Stop inside to "browse our watches," or whatever convinces them (yes, you need to be sneaky), and observe as they check out the jewelry.
  • This option is for the bold: Just ask! Yes, it could alert them to what's coming, but finding a ring they'll love is worth the potential hint that you're ready to get engaged.

Time to talk $$$

Buying an engagement ring can cost a pretty penny, so sticking to a budget is a necessity and a great practice for when you start your life together. Here are some tips for budgeting your engagement ring purchase.

  • Break out the calculator: Add up your monthly expenses such as car payments, phone bills and all the other monthly commitments you have. Once you've got it added up, you can see how much wiggle room you have to work with, which will determine what you can spend.
  • Look into financing options: Spreading out a purchase can be a great way to spend a bit more without blowing your budget. At Kay we offer special financing - a great option to explore when you're considering buying an engagement ring.
  • Save up: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Once you're ready to get engaged, have a ring in mind and know the price, set aside what you can until you're ready to purchase.

If the ring fits...

Picture this - you just popped the question, your significant other said yes, and they go to slip on the ring. But wait, it won't fit! Finding out the correct ring size before buying an engagement ring might seem obvious, but it's an important detail that's often overlooked because it can be difficult to discover without giving away your proposal plans. Here are our favorite tricks for figuring out ring size before getting engaged.

  • Do they already wear a ring on their left ring finger? Channel your inner secret agent and grab it when it's not being worn and they're not looking. Take the ring to your local jeweler and they'll be able to give you an accurate ring size. Be careful though - you want to be sure it's a ring they wear on their left ring finger or your sizing could be off.
  • Tie the knot, literally. Wrapping a piece of string around their finger and tying a knot or bow can help you find out her ring size. You can do this while they're sleeping (good luck), or figure out a way to do it so they think you're being funny.

Shhh! It's a Suprise!

Chances are if you're thinking about getting engaged and proposing, you're imagining it as a surprise. We all know how difficult keeping a secret is, so here are a couple of our best tips for keeping your proposal a surprise.

  • Keep things offline: If you're planning on inviting family and friends to take part in the proposal, do it face-to-face. This reduces the chance of your significant other accidentally glancing at an invite on their best friend's phone, or seeing an email come through on your computer that gives everything away.
  • Don't tell Aunt Karen: Every family has someone who can't keep a secret. It might feel rude to leave them out of the loop, but if it means your secret is safe, it's well worth it.
  • If you live with your significant other, don't have any information regarding the ring sent to the house.


Plan the big moment

Flash mob or candle-lit dinner? Invite family and friends, or share a private moment? There are so many things to consider when planning the day of your proposal.

  • Choose a date: Before anything else, set the date for when you're going to pop the question. This way you know if you need to make any special arrangements. The day you get engaged should be a day where the only focus in on your relationship. It might be a good idea to choose a unique day rather than on a holiday, birthday or otherwise significant date.
  • Pick a venue: Always a tough call, but we're trusting you know enough about your significant other to figure out the location of their dreams. Chances are they've already dropped some hints, too. The main consideration here is whether they would enjoy somewhere more intimate with just the two of you, or if they'd love to accept your proposal in public.
  • Choose accomplices: You're only as good as your team. To make sure everything about the big day goes off without a hitch, involve some of their closest relatives or friends to assist you in the perfect plan.
  • Clean the ring: No one wants to be proposed to with a dingy ring - the day of, stop by your local Kay for a ring cleaning to make sure the engagement ring is looking its best, then you'll be ready to go!

Got the ring? Now get the wedding bands!



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