Engagement Rings at Work: The Right Ring for Your Job

Since an engagement ring is typically worn every day, it is wise to think about daily activities, such as work and hobbies when deciding on a style. It's always an option to wear a plain band to work and keep the bling at home. But if you're set on wearing your engagement ring all the time, here are some tips to consider:

Healthcare & teaching: Doctors, nurses, massage therapists, teachers, and childcare professionals

  • Round edges on a gem will significantly lessen the likelihood of scratching another person. A cushion-cut or round diamond would be a good fit.
  • Think about the type of setting as well. A lower-set diamond will be easier to wear under gloves and will be less exposed to damage.

Law enforcement & public servants: Police officers, social workers, and security guards

  • Women who may find themselves in hazardous or risky situations might choose to wear a more subdued ring out of precaution.
  • A more delicate diamond with excellent cut, clarity and color may be a nice option.
  • Halo rings can be equally stunning as a large singular diamond, but in an arguably more secure presentation.

Other professions:


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