Pear-cut Diamonds & Pear-shaped Engagement Rings

Pear-shaped Diamonds

Growing in popularity, pear-shaped engagement rings offer a unique touch to any engagement ring style. The elongated and round shape of pear diamonds provides a touch of femininity with its elegant curves. Pear-shaped diamonds come from a group of diamond shapes called "fancy shapes." These longer shaped diamonds are cut with precision to get the correct ration between the stone's length and width.

Buying a Pear-shaped Engagement Ring?

Pear-shaped engagement rings are quite trendy for the shapes unique design. Generally, pear-cut engagement rings come with a large center stone, making it a real show piece. Explore trendy Neil Lane pear engagement rings for a pear-shaped ring with a vintage look! If she's more of a minimalist, shop solitaire engagement rings with a pear-shaped center for a clean look that will still turn heads. Although pear shaped diamonds come from the "fancy shaped" group, they are actually less expensive than round stones!

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