Organzing Your Jewelry Collection

You clean out your closets every year, so why not your jewelry collection? Our step-by-step guide can help you stay organized.

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How to Keep your Jewelry Collection Organized

  • If you don't have one already, buy a jewelry box or other storage system to hold all of your jewelry.
  • Go through your jewelry and make a list of every piece you own. You may also want to take pictures for insurance purposes.
  • Check all of your jewelry for wear and tear. Set aside any jewelry that needs to be repaired. (Anything you want to rescue, you can bring to your Kay jewelry consultant to have it repaired.)
  • Look at the jewelry you have and sort it based on how often you wear it.
  • Set aside sentimental or heirloom jewelry that you don't use. Keep this jewelry in case a family member would rather have it instead. Or consider having the stones reset into a new piece of jewelry. (Your Kay jewelry consultant can help here, too.)
  • Look at the jewelry you don't wish to keep. You may be able to sell pieces of value.
  • If you need new jewelry to update your style or complete a look, now is the time to go shopping!

Remember, you can have your fine jewelry cleaned and inspected, free of charge, at any Kay Jewelers location.

5 Tricks for Traveling with Jewelry

Try these methods for simple, well-organized travel:

  • A jewelry case: It doesn't have to be pricey, but a travel case specially designed to hold and protect your jewelry might be worth the investment if you travel frequently.
  • Plastic straws: Keep necklaces untangled by running them through a straw, then closing the clasp. A skinny straw won't work for large or bulky necklaces, so follow the same process using a toilet paper or paper towel tube.
  • Index cards: Simply pin your earrings to an index card to avoid losing backs and getting earrings jostled together.
  • Buttons: Pair your earrings by button then slide through the holes and seal the backs. Before packing away, transfer the buttons to a sealable plastic bag or wrap them up in a scarf or cloth.
  • Small plastic bags: Often, when you have an extra button set or clasp, it comes in a small sealable plastic bag. Rather than toss these little bags, keep them for travel! Put one jewelry item in each bag to keep things organized. When all your pieces are sealed up, drop the small bags into a larger plastic bag. If you don't have any tiny bags on hand, check your local craft store. Even easier, head no further than your kitchen pantry and pull out some snack bags.


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